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Canadian SEO & Digital Marketing Agency

We provide business owners in Canada with an alternative to traditional digital marketing agencies. We don’t believe in using generic strategies. When you contact us, we’ll talk with you to learn about your digital marketing needs.

Our team of creative professionals is here to get you the results you need. From social media and Search Engine optimization services to website development, we’re ready to create a campaign for your business that you can get behind.


ATTRACT Visitors

Our proven SEO campaigns make sure that your business stays ranked at the top of Google. We don’t take shortcuts or promise unrealistic results, instead using our expertise to drive customers to your website.

DEVELOP Relationships

Social media is so interwoven with marketing that many of our campaigns use the platforms as a foundation to build on. We use social media to engage with stakeholders, strengthen brands, and promote businesses.


Our development team creates websites for businesses of any industry. We design sites that are customized to attract customers to your business. We focus on user-friendly, optimized designs that increase your profits.


Canada SEO Digital Marketing Professionals

As a leading digital marketing agency in Canada, we take pride in our work. We want the best for our clients and are always available. From our SEO services to social media strategies, the results speak for themselves.

Want to give us a try? We guarantee our results – or our work is free!


Reliable Digital Marketing And SEO Services

We deliver on our promises. If we tell you we can get certain results, you can count on it.

When you start working with a Canadian digital marketing agency, you want to know that the people you hired are the best. We get you the results you need and are always available to talk about your campaigns.

Grow Your Online Brand

Your business relies on its digital presence to grow. From social media to content creation and website development, our team of digital marketing professionals are here to create strategies that will see your influence expand and your profits grow.

Develop Your Customer Base

Our proven search engine optimization strategies will drive customers to your website by placing you at the top of Google’s search results. We use our unique campaigns to make sure you consistently rank above your competition.

Increase Your Sales Revenue

More potential customers visiting your website will result in an increase of inquires for the products or services you provide. This should naturally lead to an increase in sales.

  •   In-House Marketing

    We're a dedicated team of digital marketing experts. We guarantee our work will improve your business' online presence. Our comprehensive digital marketing campaigns get results.

    You can contact any member of our team working on your campaign to receive updates on its progress. No other company in Canada will provide you with this level of service and accessibility.

  •   Digital Marketing Tools

    Our development team creates unique, personalized marketing tools to identify your business needs. We use these tools to generate reports and insights, as well as track your digital footprint.

    With these tools, we can give you important marketing information at a faster rate than other agencies. We also provide superior ranking, traffic and revenue results.

  •   Unique Digital Marketing Strategies

    At Caseo, you're more than another account. For us to do our job, it's important that we get to know your business and industry.

    We create digital marketing campaigns that account for every side of your business. That's why it's so important that we have open lines of communication.

    Our strategies are unique to your situation and expectations. This means you can expect real results that impact your business. No fluff or filler. Just actionable solutions to help expand your client base.

  •   Customer-Centric Approach

    Imagine a business relationship where you receive regular updates from a digital marketing agency. We believe in that dream. We'll make sure you're kept up to date as we develop and execute a unique campaign for your business.

    Monthly reviews, reports, and communications mean you'll be in the know of any developments. We also analyze every part of your campaign to show you what works and what doesn't.

    During business hours, we guarantee a single hour response time. We do this because you're our number one priority and to show our dedication to your campaign.

  •   Why Choose Us

    Despite expanding our reach to an international level, we've maintained a small business approach. This helps keep us focused on your business needs.

    When you partner with us for your online marketing, you get a company with a proven track record. We produce the most reliable results of any international company within our industry.

    We create effective digital marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. Working with us means you gain the benefits of a large agency while getting personal communication of a smaller firm.

    We'll always keep you informed of our progress. We use monthly reports to update you on any changes to your campaign. We also have representatives that are available all week if you have any questions.

  •   Guaranteed Results

    The largest factor that separates us from our competition is that we guarantee our work. No other digital agency in Canada can promise this.

    We're so confident in our promises that we provide a money back guarantee if we can’t achieve them.

    We believe business relationships rely on trust. We want you to believe in us as we create marketing campaigns that you can be proud of.

    With our money back guarantee, our services are completely risk free! You have nothing to lose and a surge in customers to gain.

    Caseo: Search Engine Optimization Services in Canada

    Caseo Ltd. is a Canadian digital marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization for small businesses around the world. Our SEO services improve search engine rankings for companies in Canada and across the world. We’ve taken businesses that are struggling to capture an online audience and made it easier to find them on search results, increasing the business’ reach and profits.

    Search engine optimization in Canada isn’t a trick or shortcut. It takes a lot of hard work and creativity to learn what people are looking for. As a Canadian marketing agency, we believe that the best results come from diligence and thinking outside the box. Our SEO strategies are uniquely created for each client we serve.

    From content creation to keyword research, we devote all our resources to your campaign to make sure you get the results you expect. We use unique strategies and approach SEO differently than any other digital marketing agency. The consistent standings of our repeated clients’ listings speak for themselves.

    One of the cornerstones of all our search engine optimization campaigns is open channels of communications. We know that too many digital marketing agencies in Canada operate differently, but in our experience the best client relationships are founded in honest and realistic dialogue. No one likes to work in the dark and we’re here to make our clients always know the direction and success of their SEO campaigns.

    While other search engine agencies in Canada may rely on out-dated practices or lazy tactics to generate quick results, we operate with the long-term in mind. When you reach the first page of search results, we want you to stay there. This means employing SEO strategies that take into account algorithms like Google Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird.

    To help you understand what each of these algorithms are, and how we work with them to get our clients the results they expect, we’re going to explain them now. Once we’ve gone over what each algorithm is, we’ll explain how we work within the software to help our clients’ businesses grow.

    Google Panda

    Google Panda was introduced in 2011, and has had a number of small updates since then. The algorithm focused on content, getting rid of low-quality or thin sites in favor of those with in-depth, consistently updated content. Panda also addressed websites with too much advertising and a confusing layout. It targeted sites that focused on making money rather than giving a positive user experience.

    With the launch of Panda, we began integrating content marketing into all of our search engine optimization strategies. This includes incorporating blogging, on-site content, guest blogging, and social media management. We work with on our client’s entire website and online presence to create a consistent identity that represents their business. The content strategies we plan for our clients are filled with quality that benefits their target audience.

    Google Panda brought a lot of changes to how websites are ranked on the search engine. Businesses that were once on the first page, suddenly found themselves buried several pages deep. The resulting impact was a scramble for search engine agencies to grow with the new algorithm. We embraced the changes because we knew that this way a strong step in the right direction for users. SEO in Canada was impacted just like anywhere else, but our clients were prepared because we were ready for these next steps.

    Google Penguin

    Google Penguin was the search engine’s response to “black hat” link building tactics. It was released in 2012 and has been followed by numerous updates since then. The algorithm focused on link building techniques that were manipulative such as buying or spamming links. Penguin targeted websites that used link building methods that were inauthentic, causing these websites to drop quickly in ranking position.

    Since Google Penguin was released, webmasters have had to take responsibility for their link profile. This means understanding where their links are placed and tracking the volume, quality, and source of the links. For the first time, webmasters were forced to take a hard look at their link profile and understand what those links meant for their online identity.

    We understood that with Penguin affecting the search engine optimization of so many websites in Canada and beyond, that we needed to make our services available to more businesses than ever. Because we use our unique system of link building strategies in combination with our SEO campaigns, the websites we worked with quickly jumped in rankings. And the best part is that they stayed there.

    Google Penguin is still updating and evolving, which means digital marketing agencies in Canada, and around the world, need to grow with it. Here at Caseo Ltd., we’re always thinking in terms of future developments and make sure that we’re ahead of the curve for any changes that impact the SEO industry. While other Canadian search engine optimization agencies may rely on tired tactics to get you results, we’re constantly growing and learning new skills to better serve our clients.


    Google’s Hummingbird algorithm added two new dimensions to Panda and Penguin. Launched in 2013, it introduced the importance of mobile devices to search engines. Responsive designs took on a more important role in deciding the ranking of websites. The second change was the introduction of contextual searches, which helped Google look at the relationship between terms to interpret the context.

    This meant that webmasters needed to think about where and how their users were accessing their websites. They couldn’t assume that their audience was visiting their website from in front of a computer screen and had to adapt quickly. The rise in mobile devices like tablets and smartphones meant that websites needed to become responsive to different screen sizes.

    This responsiveness benefited webmasters and business owners because their audience could now browse their websites on the go, increasing the site’s reach and presence in the user’s lives. When we’re developing an SEO strategy for our clients, we always make sure that our website development team puts the user experience first. That means an easy-to-navigate website that’s fully responsive.

    Google’s ability to distinguish the relationship between terms served to support the search engine’s Panda algorithm by focusing on content. Because we already focus quality content that benefits users and strengthens our clients’ websites, this didn’t impact the rankings we had established.

    The Future of SEO in Canada and Beyond.

    Our SEO strategies get results because we work hard, think creatively, and give every client the attention they deserve. We believe that search engines will continue to focus on delivering a positive user experience through relevant content and supporting links. It’s a good direction for the internet to take and our team is ready to help webmasters and business owners lead the charge.




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