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We are a digital marketing agency that
specializes in SEO services for businesses across North America and the United Kingdom. Our custom campaigns are created with one goal in mind, driving traffic to your website to grow your business through lasting results you can easily measure.

Who We Are

Caseo is a digital marketing agency that specializes in organic and local SEO. We use the latest tactics and creative strategies to improve your business with more traffic, leads, calls, and sales!

Our agency is your one-stop for all things digital! We provide branding and design, website development, social media marketing, online advertising, and SEO solutions for your business.

At Caseo, we understand how important your marketing dollars are and we create custom campaigns that get the most for your investment. When you work with us, you’re getting a custom search engine marketing campaign built around your specific needs and goals.

Our strategies are created through ethical practices that align with the latest search engine algorithm updates. This means you don’t need to worry about Google penalties or dramatic drops in your rankings and can focus on your business growth.

Our History

Caseo started under the name Foster SEO in 2011. The founder, Todd Foster, is a self-taught SEO expert that based the company in Hamilton, Ontario. While in the city, Todd began taking on clients, starting with 3 to 5 each year as he grew the business.

As we grew we moved from Foster SEO to Caseo. This change reflected our development as we fully embraced our Canadian roots (Caseo = Canadian SEO) and expanded as a global company. We also began to operate on a larger scale and gain a wider client base.

By 2016, we continued to grow the number of clients we served, expanding our agency further. At this point, we had over 40 clients and 20 affiliate websites that were generating income. We became a well-known multi-national digital marketing agency with clients around the world.

Through new partnerships and a growing team of professionals, our agency is continuing to evolve to serve more clients around the world. As we expand our offerings to include branding, design, development, and hosting, we excitedly look into the future of digital marketing for the businesses we help.

Meet Todd Foster

CEO of Caseo

Todd Foster started working in the SEO industry in 2011 where he launched his first company, Foster SEO. As a self-taught SEO expert, Todd began taking on clients at a steady pace as he grew the business to serve local and national businesses looking for a digital marketing solution that drove relevant traffic to their websites.

Todd launched Caseo as a way to embrace his Canadian roots while expanding his services for a global business community. This expansion reflected his interest in serving a larger variety of industries that operate within unique niches.

“I built Caseo to provide business owners with ethical SEO services that prioritize data-driven campaigns to get the most from each client’s budget. We take the investment from business owners seriously and do our best to get them the results they need.”

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We provide complete digital marketing services for businesses just like yours. Get ahead of your competition with our SEO, digital advertising, and social media marketing services today! We work with your budget to deliver consistent results you can count on through data-driven campaigns.

We can help you grow your business!

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Have you wasted money investing in marketing solutions that don’t work? When you work with us we make sure that every marketing dollar goes toward growing your business. Our team gets you the results you need while making sure you’re never left wondering where your investment is going.

What we do

While we specialize in local and organic seo, we also offer a number of other marketing services. These include digital advertising, social media marketing, branding & design, and web development for businesses of all sizes across North America and the United Kingdom.

How we work

Whether you’re looking for a new website, branding materials, or a digital marketing campaign, we provide easy-to-understand details of where your hard-earned dollars are going. We also prioritize communication and transparency with our clients, ensuring you’re never left in the dark.

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