You’re Doing it Wrong! How to Blog in 2017.

With over 78% of consumers stating that they trust brands who provide customized content, it’s no surprise that so many businesses are searching for creative writers that can deliver results. Between finding a relevant topic to naturally optimizing your writing, the process of content creation is difficult. Yet, it can also be the most satisfying part of any marketing strategy.

Learning PPC Beyond the Basics

To start off, PPC stands for Pay Per Click. They’re those yellow ads you see on the top of result pages on Google. You know, the ones you may or may not have a tendency to avoid clicking. From a business standpoint, PPC can be a great tool to advertise your company.
A PPC campaign can bring your ad to the top of a result page and, if done well, increase your revenue. No matter what your business might be, running a PPC campaign is a great way to generate clicks to your website, that will lead to sales.

Digital Marketing: Empathy, Understanding, and the Human Approach

Whether you’re an experienced digital marketing professional or beginner, you’ve probably heard about the online disinhibition effect. This psychological process is the tendency that people have to be more negative in online forums than they would be in person.
While the online disinhibition effect has caused countless arguments over social media, it’s damaging when experienced in a marketing atmosphere.