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Digital marketing offers many benefits to any business, but it can especially offer local dentists the patient growth they’ve been hoping for. They just need to know how to reap those benefits.

Unfortunately, many dentists are still not aware of how digital dental marketing works or how to develop their own effective dental marketing strategy.

Stand Out From The Competition

Your dental practice is pretty much invisible if you do not have a business website. In this day and age, it’s essential to create a business website that will visibly rank on the first page of Google’s search results.

The goal is to be easily located and noticed on Google so any potential new patient will click your website’s link first. Plus, you want any new patient to be able to find the exact information they need on your website.

But remember, your business website should be listed on multiple search engines, not just Google (even though it’s the most popular). This will drastically improve your chances of being found by new potential patients.

Since your best bet is to list your website on all search engine platforms, you have to consider how much time this is going to take as there are hundreds of search engines on the ever-growing Internet. And as you’re reading this, that number is still rising.

That’s why you should consider hiring a digital marketer that specializes in dentist marketing services. They do this time-consuming job for you! They are not only time-saving experts but also cost-effective. This means you can save time without breaking bank.

There are also plenty of websites specifically designed for patients to easily find dentists online to book an appointment. Since many patients find dental offices this way, why not get ahead of the competition and start using the same platform?

Unique Local Branding

A unique identity is very important for any local business. This is the face of your practice and how patients will recognize you. The same goes for doctors and dentists. An internet marketing strategy will allow you to market your dental practice and services that you offer on multiple platforms. There are many different ways to familiarize your target audience with your practice.

Here are some branding opportunities for dentists to present their practice to potential new clients:

Behind-the-scenes videos and images of you and your staff
A modern logo design
Giveaways and contests that give publicity to your dental services
Optimized content that lets you convey your message while ranking first on Google

These are only some ways that enable you to establish your authority as a local dentist. Additionally, they allow you to set your dental office apart from your competition. Standing out from the crowd is highly important if there are numerous dentists in your area or you’re just opening your office.

Modern Dental Marketing Methods To Get More Potential Patients

Traditional marketing just simply can’t compare to what modern digital dental marketing can offer. Whether you promote your dental services through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Google Ads, you can customize your target audience to reach and influence new potential customers.

Moreover, the results are actually quite easy to track. Digital dental marketing allows you to have more control over the look of your Google Ads. Unlike traditional methods like TV or newspapers, customized targeted online ads will enable you to track who has seen and clicked on your ads.

Targeted Campaigns

What makes social media beneficial for dentists is that they have the ability to target a particular demographic on both Facebook, Instagram and more. In the case of pay-per-click ads, dentists only need to pay for people who click their ads.

When it comes to targeted SEO campaigns, dentists must have their own website. These campaigns can get your website to rank at the top of Google search results when someone searches for certain keywords in your area.

Cost-Effective Dental Marketing

Last but not least, online advertising is less expensive than traditional forms of advertising. An internet marketing strategy can be used diversely. Most people use Google ads and pay-per-click ads because they are quite affordable. Of course, there are also costly options that can yield a terrific return on investments, but only when done right.

Develop A Client Base

As a local dental practice, it’s crucial to establish a strong presence online to get ahead of your competition so you can recruit any new patient in and around your area. The best way to develop a client base is to create a business website and collect customer reviews. Why? Because regardless of the type of business you have, a new patient, or customers or consumers trust online reviews.

Creating a business website is something dentists need to do in order to attract new patients and promote the services they offer. In addition, you should use professional digital dental marketing and SEO techniques that ensure a constant online presence for your business.

This refers to specific and researched keywords, regularly updated content, easy website navigation, link building, a creative and responsive website, and much more.

Websites are a cost-effective way to promote your practice. It provides advantages and positive long-term results. A website also accurately reflects your team’s individuality as well as the quality of your service and what you stand for.

By creating an easy-to-explore and responsive website that is informational and professional with properly executed SEO, you can expect your practice to start ranking on the first page of Google’s searches (but remember, this takes time!).

You’ll also want to make sure the style of your website is based on the needs and wishes of your target market. Bear in mind that most of your prospective patients use tablets or smartphones when searching for a dental practice. For that reason, your site must be responsive and mobile-friendly.

Dental websites that have a modern design and relevant content typically rank higher in search engines. Descriptive, short texts and appealing, relevant photos give a positive impression to new patients while convincing existing clients to stay.

Aside from that, you will be able to publish attention-grabbing package deals on your website. By providing a wide variety of solutions and services at affordable rates, you will motivate people to start capitalizing on your offers.

Rank Higher With Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) allows low investment businesses to have high returns. Likewise, search engines can bring dentists an abundance of new business. Digital dental marketing strategies that include SEO is a cost-saving option for dentists.

A dental practice may benefit a great deal by working with a marketing agency that specializes in Dental SEO services as it often requires complex training to try and learn yourself. A good search engine optimization strategy can boost your Google rankings that increases the chances of your website being clicked first.

Of course, your site must also be professionally designed, easy to navigate, and visually appealing.

Dental Marketing Budget guide


Even though we live in a digital age, many dental offices are still using traditional marketing methods to promote their services. Many dentists still advertise themselves on billboards and in Yellow Pages, while others turn to TV and radio airtime. After spending a fortune on those traditional marketing services, they’d be lucky to gain a few new patients a month.

Are you one of these dentists? If so, it’s time to wake up and realize there are plenty of marketing services available to drastically increase your clientele! With an improved presence online, people who need dental care could find you much easier with one simple search.

But it’s not enough to simply just set up a dental website. You must do much more for your practice and overall business and this is where digital dental marketing comes into play. Like other kinds of businesses, dentists can immensely benefit from an internet marketing strategy with appealing dental patient marketing methods. As a matter of fact, the importance of creative and innovative dental marketing ideas for local dentists is more important than ever.

There are also a number of online platforms that act as a powerful marketing tool, including dedicated dental marketers. But remember that the success of those platforms will largely depend on what kind of tools you select and how efficiently you use them.

Dental Marketing Platforms


Patients expect different things on different online platforms, that’s why a dental practice should aim to align with their patients’ expectations per platform. The question is, which digital marketing platforms work best for dentists?

Here are the most suitable networking tools and platforms for your dental practice:

Ad-words — Google’s pay-per-click advertising service enables advertisement display across millions of publisher websites. This is a great way to optimize your ads and get a better ROI from your marketing campaign.
Facebook — The most effective social networking service and social media platform that’s integral toward reaching out to both new and existing patients. That makes it ideal for a dental practice and is also considered the most productive way of sharing information today.
YouTube — It’s the most commonly used search engine around the world. YouTube is a perfect place for dental practices to promote their services. They can create testimonial videos, upload tours of their dental offices, or demonstrate dentistry treatments. By sharing these videos with friends, family and other people, it can drive new patients to your dental practice.
Blog — It lets you share information about new technology and dental treatments with your target audience. A blog also allows patients to keep up-to-date with important information, dental developments and services, and more.

Dental Marketing Mistakes


​Most people are inclined to make some mistakes during their digital dental marketing campaigns. We’ve put together the list of those mistakes to help dentists avoid them:

Targeting the wrong people
Too much spotlight on certain dental services
Ignoring competitors
Being very choosy about using marketing channels
Not maintaining a blog
Not tracking the results of advertising campaigns
Sending emails that are not mobile-friendly
Sending out the same email/message to different groups of people
Creating stale email content


As marketing methods constantly evolve and develop, so should dental practices. As we’ve explained, having a presence online is absolutely necessary for dental practices in this day and age. So, if you’re not already active on the internet (particularly social media platforms), make sure to start using digital marketing tactics to get ahead of your competition. If your competition is social, you should be too!

By approaching digital dental marketing properly, you can reach out to target groups, establish consistent branding development, and grow your practice. While dentists can learn something about digital marketing, they should not do it all themselves. It isn’t their niche after all! If you want to get the most out of your digital marketing campaign, contact trusted professionals who have proven, quality reviews. They’ll work with you closely and help you pave the road to success.


So, are you ready to work with a group of professional internet marketers who have a passion (and experience) for getting dentists to the top of Google?

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