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Our Dentist SEO experts will help your business rank well on Google and stay ahead of competitors by optimizing web content and building quality links. This will improve your business’ online presence and drive potential customers to your website.

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Social media is an excellent way to engage with customers, strengthen your brand, and promote your business. Understand your customers better and develop online relationships when you connect with them through social media channels.

Increase Profits

Our development team will create a website based on your businesses needs. Our web designs are customized to attract customers to your business. We focus on creative, user-friendly, and responsive designs to increase your profits.


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As a full service digital marketing company, we offer a variety of services. We offer flexible packages and unique solutions that will generate results for your business. If you think we can help you, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.


Optimize your online presence to stay ahead of competitors and gain potential customers.

Web Developement

Generate leads and increase sales with a unique web design that is informative and user friendly.

Social Media

Develop online relationships and manage these connections through a creative social marketing campaign.


Generate immediate sales and reach your target audience easier through pay-per-click advertising.

“We have been clients of Caseo for quite some time now. They have done a great job moving us up the rankings on Google (organically). Working with them has been such a pleasure and always easy! Would recommend them to any other business looking to get to the #1 spot on Google. You won't regret it!!“

Monika Sims
Century Stone Dental

 About Our Dentist SEO Services

When you consider dental practices, the first thought which comes to mind is: dentist SEO services, right? Probably not. But, as a dental practice, it should be! As a leading SEO firm, not only do we specialize in optimizing websites based on location and keyword dentist/choice, we focus on building a website which is “geared for the search engines.” Basically we strive to create a site which is tailored to your niche, your audience, and one which simply doesn’t throw around keywords illogically, in an effort to attract visitors. Instead, we focus on building a site which caters to your practice, your target audience, and the specialized area of practice you are in as a dental professional.


So, how does proper dentist SEO and page design/format help your business? These are a few ways in which our professional SEO experts can help your site outrank competitors, and become a leader in your local market.


  1. Search engine rank –

There’s no way around it, when people are looking for a service (dental practice) they are going to use online search engines. Whether it is Google, Yahoo, Bing or other engines, they are going to search various term/phrases when looking for an office. Among these terms might be:

– Best dental practice.

– Top dentist in (location).

– Dentists which perform veneers, whitening, etc.


Every patient is going to search a different term/phrase, or keyword combination. This is where proper SEO keyword choice comes into play. It is important to ensure you do proper keyword research based upon what most patients are searching when looking for a dental practice. With the right keyword density, use, and placement, your site will outrank local dental practices, and more people are likely to find it when running an SEO keyword search.


  1. Traffic –

The reliance on multiple dentist SEO strategies will result in greater traffic coming through your site. These can range from: organic, paid, direct, and referral strategies. The actual number of visits to your page can be measured via keyword searches (SEO), to see how many new patients are visiting your office site. Additionally, with proper SEO strategies in place, not only is your site going to attain more traffic and more new visitors, but it can also increase the amount of time which a visitor actually stays on your site once they come across it.


  1. Conversion rate –

Sure the right keywords got potential patients to visit your page, now what? With the right dentist SEO keyword strategy in place, the proper site design and layout, and other important factors coming together, the visitors who simply come through your site, might actually become new patients. This is of course your end goal, to attract new patients and to bring patients into your offices. With the proper tactics and page development, people who simply clicked on your site and left in the past, might actually leave their contact information, or might actually end up calling your offices to schedule an appointment.


  1. Learn what your audience desires –

Because every patient is looking for something different when visiting a dentist, you can learn what local patients in your area are searching for as it pertains to dental services. Whether they would like to have whitening care, general cleanings, orthodontic care, or other specialized dental services, the right SEO strategies will provide you with more insight as to what locals in your area are looking for. This will in turn allow dental practices to redesign and implement the proper keywords, images, and design details onto their site, in order to see higher traffic, and higher conversion rates from these SEO strategies which are being employed in designing their site.


  1. Deliver relevant information –

Keywords are extremely important, in any type of business. However, as it pertains to a dental practice, the right keyword use and placement is extremely important if you want to attract the right patient. For example, if your office does whitening work, veneers, and other cosmetic procedure, you aren’t going to want to target keyword use for general dental care. Instead, you are going to want to target more towards the cosmetic side of dental services and care your offices provide.


When considering this as a part of your dentist SEO and keyword strategy, you can properly plan the layout, the content you will write and place on your site, and deliver the relevant and pertinent content, which the patient is looking for. Basically, the proper strategy will allow a dental practice to deliver relevant content to the specific patient (not just those who are browsing for general care), when they are developing their site, and trying to attract new patients to contact their offices.


  1. Quality leads –

When you design your site, you should incorporate a contact section. Allow patients to input their information so that a staff member can contact them about scheduling a consultation, or ensure all information for contacting your offices are clearly listed on the site. This not only entices new or potential patients to leave their contact information or call, but also allows your practice to gain potential leads for new patients, who are interested in the specific type of service you perform in your dental practice. Even if you do not convert every single lead, with the proper SEO strategies, and site design and development practices in place, it is highly likely that your practice is going to gain new patients, and attract more potential patients than if you did not have the proper strategy and site design in place on your practice’s website.


When trying to create relevant content for your patients, and potential patients, we are the premier SEO and design firm to call. Not only will we do the keyword research based on your practice’s services, we focus on delivering high quality content for your visitors. And, we will focus on developing a site which outranks other local practices, so as to ensure more visibility among the search engines, and higher ranking atop the major keywords in the dental field.
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