How to Succeed at Law Firm Marketing

In today’s marketing, no one should be overlooking the opportunities for attracting clients. Practices and lawyers can both stand to benefit from what law firm marketing has to offer.

An excellent way to ensure that you market yourself well digitally is by starting a blog.

There are lots of things you need to remember when running a blog as part of your practice. First, you want to establish a solid blogging strategy and plan that suits your law firm. Second, decide on a schedule that sets a routine for writing and publishing your content.

law firm blogging tips

You need to figure out when your posts go out and make sure that the schedule works for getting you results. Consider doing similar posts on certain days and even incorporating modern trends in the media that are getting attention to get the most from your investment.

The Top Ten 10 Tips for Blogging as a Law Firm

Ultimately, ensure that the purpose of the blog remains to get more web traffic, draw in more clients, and build yourself a better brand. You should make sure you include a short biography and contact information to help people find you easily and quickly.

By following our useful tips below, you’ll have a successful law firm marketing blog in no time:

Tip 1: Content

As with any SEO strategy, content is paramount. Without content, you’re dead in the water. The first component of your blog should be about focusing on producing content.

Create a plan and strategy for how to do this, including what types of content you’ll include, what style of posts you’ll use, and a schedule that helps you plan your content.

law firm blogging advice

To maximize your law firm SEO marketing, you need relevant, current content. Regularly blogging is the first step. Ideally, if you incorporate content with our other tips, you’ll see how your content bolsters your law firm marketing strategies and brand.

Scheduling your content is extremely useful to ensure your new platform has a structure and to see what works and what doesn’t. You need to plan out what you’ll post at various times throughout the week and decide what keywords you’ll use ahead of time.

Following trends is also an excellent way to stay relevant and gain new followers. You don’t have to go overboard, but a schedule will at least keep you consistent and make sure you don’t forget to post.

Since law firms are full of professionals, having scheduled and reliable content is a good way of supporting that reputation.

Tip 2: Accessibility

If quality content is your company’s lifeblood, it’s important that your content is reaching who you want it to. It’s no secret that industry terminology is sometimes confusing; which is why people call it legal jargon.

If your goal is to create, build, and support your following, it’s important to make sure that you make your content as accessible as possible.

Although your web page and services will need to have that legal terminology, a blog is a great space where you can use layman’s terms to connect with your audience. Be clear, concise, and to the point with your writing and content to speak with your target audience.

law blogging tips

You should also explain what the law means rather than repeating all of the complex terms you use in the courtroom. Ultimately, the entire goal of a blog should be to connect, build trust, and develop authority with your followers and prospective clients.

By being open and trying to make complicated concepts clear to your readers, you’ll have a much easier time building your blog audience.

Tip 3: Relevancy & Current Events

Being relevant is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure you cover current events to increase engagement. Try relating what is going on in the news to your practice’s specific field and local area. Discuss the impact recent news developments have and how you plan on handling it.

Remember, a blog is a great place to be candid and casual. You can use your content to build authority and a real connection with your following. At the same time, relating to and discussing current trends shows your followers and potential clients that your practice is relevant.

legal blogging tips

When you discuss these issues, consider covering topics like court decisions, public trends, issues, and developments in the legal. Give your opinion on a current issue or article; review a recent case in the news; or discuss either of their relevance to the federal, state, or local legal systems.

Don’t be afraid to be controversial and think outside the box. Controversial blog posts get more attention and headway since taking a stand shows your opinion, something that law firms tend to avoid.

By engaging with content, showing transparency, and reflecting your personality, you can impress your followers and potential clients.

Ultimately, discussing current trends will not only prove your relevancy in the field but will also ensure you’re performing strong law firm SEO marketing.

Tip 4: Laser-Targeted Audience

It’s crucial you make sure your content is optimized to target the audience you want to attract, or despite the best SEO results, you won’t be able to get a high ROI. By ensuring you target your market with a laser focus, you’ll ensure you attract potential clients that will want your services.

You’ll want to target audiences based on both your practice’s specific field of focus and geographic location. First, ensure that you specifically discuss issues related to the field you practice in.

blogging tips for law firms

By narrowing your topics to your specialties, you’re drawing in the people you want to talk to on your website. Talking about this content is an excellent way to ensure you rank for these topics on Google without weighing down your other pages.

Another important part of speaking to your audience is targeting the correct location. If you operate in a particular area, it’s important you attract clients from your community, so you ensure a good ROI.

A great way to utilize the blog for location-based results is to ensure you cover news and issues related to your area while trying to compare those stories to your field. 

Tip 5: Always Think Optimization

It’s important always to have SEO in the back of your mind when creating content. This way, you’re ensuring your content is optimized and giving you the results you need. Remember that the point of a blog is to attract clients, not just talk about your day or a random topic.

Your blog is a place to build loyalty and – most importantly – grow your business and customer base. Some simple things to remember to do include; targeting one or two keywords, adding rich content such as videos and images, and sharing posts through social media channels.

Tip 6: Share and Engage

Encourage sharing, comments, and questions. Engaging directly with your audience is a great way to connect and build trust with your audience. Engagement goes a long way for getting loyal people that stick with you, attracting new clients to choose your business, and ensuring a higher ROI.

how to blog for a law firm

The whole point of blogging is to connect with your current and potential audience, so make sure you answer questions and respond to comments. Use multiple platforms and channels to see what works and what doesn’t. Marketing for your law firm is about trial and error, as well as research and study.

Try multiple social media channels, emails, and industry newsletters. People like different forums, and creating various ways for them to engage helps you connect with all your potential clients.

That being said, don’t waste too much time in areas that aren’t showing a good ROI. Bottom line, ensure that you use the blog to engage with your clients.

Tip 7: Use & Adapt to Analytics

I know I’ve mentioned this already but being able to track, monitor, use, and adapt to your analytics is crucial to creating and maintaining an active blog.

Try new things and test out what works. Just make sure you use analytics software to track how these new strategies positively and/or negatively impact your following.

Monitor metrics and comments to see where things are changing and think about what differences you made around that time. 

law firm marketing

If people don’t stay on the page or watch the video, then you should probably try a new tactic. The important thing is to use the analytic results to see what works and adapt. Google Analytics is one of the most popular and well-respected tools for doing this.

Tip 8: Personalization & Transparency

With the prevalence of social media and digital tools, things spread across the world extremely fast. It’s incredibly important in today’s climate to ensure your transparency with clients to build trust.

Blogs create a perfect opportunity to share your personal experience with your audience and open up to them. This sharing includes both successes and failures, tips for your field, and stories to help personalize you and your firm.

blogging tips

Honesty and openness both contribute to showing clients that you can be trusted and will be open to them. 

Tip 9: Avoid Giving Legal Advice

Considering some of the tips we’ve been giving you, you may be thinking that you’re risking your firm by being candid. That’s not what we want you to do and you should always be aware of your legal obligations.

Some of your audience may consider what you publish as legal advice. You need to make sure you’re careful about what you say, trying to educate and inform your audience rather than advise them.

Always consider what you’re legally allowed to say, but try to be personal and give an opinion on your pieces where applicable. 

Tip 10: Be Creative!

Law firm marketing provides a variety of opportunities, blogging itself one of them. It’s important to be creative with the content you create to ensure you engage an active community of followers.

By targeting audiences related to your field and area, you’re already doing a good job of bringing in traffic. Now you want to make sure you appeal to them and they come back.

legal blogs tips

Nobody likes reading the same content over and over again. Try to diversify the channels you use on the internet to help build and maintain a strong following. Consider trying creative things to complement – or even include in – your content.

You could send out monthly newsletters, start a guest blog, feature guest authors, or even incorporate videos into your content.

Making the Most of Your Law Blog

Depending on your practice, you’ll want to weigh some of our tips heavier than others. Try to apply all of these and see what works best within your law firm marketing strategy.

Focus on what works for you and avoid things that don’t, but don’t be afraid to try things again later. More than anything, ensure you create content by providing relevant and reliable information.

how to blog for a law firm

By being open and personalizing your content, you’ll make it relatable to your clients and prove you’re trustworthy. In the end, being authentic is the best way to create a substantial and loyal following.

By employing some law firm marketing techniques to your practice, you can make the blog much more efficient at drawing in a new audience and maintaining current clients.

Blogging is Just the Start of Law Firm Marketing

These tips are perfect for optimizing the performance of your blog. Applying most of these basic tips should give you dramatic results on both your website and blog. However, a blog is only one part of a law firm marketing strategy.

To make sure that your content is found by your audience, it’s important that you implement proper SEO and social media strategies. We offer a range of law firm marketing services with specialization in SEO and can give your business a focused and customized package.