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Our SEO experts will help your business rank well on Google and stay ahead of competitors by optimizing web content and building quality links. This will improve your business’ online presence and drive potential customers to your website.

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Social media is an excellent way to engage with customers, strengthen your brand, and promote your business. Understand your customers better and develop online relationships when you connect with them through social media channels.

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Our development team will create a website based on your businesses needs. Our web designs are customized to attract customers to your business. We focus on creative, user-friendly, and responsive designs to increase your profits.


You can talk with us for more about your project.

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As a full service digital marketing company, we offer a variety of services. We offer flexible packages and unique solutions that will generate results for your business. If you think we can help you, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.


Optimize your online presence to stay ahead of competitors and gain potential customers.

Web Developement

Generate leads and increase sales with a unique web design that is informative and user friendly.

Social Media

Develop online relationships and manage these connections through a creative social marketing campaign.


Generate immediate sales and reach your target audience easier through pay-per-click advertising.

“We have been clients of Caseo for quite some time now. They have done a great job moving us up the rankings on Google (organically). Working with them has been such a pleasure and always easy! Would recommend them to any other business looking to get to the #1 spot on Google. You won't regret it!!“

Monika Sims
Century Stone Dental

Winnipeg SEO Services

Welcome to – in this article we’d like to be able to familiarize you with the concept of SEO, and how SEO marketing can help your Winnipeg business. We’ll go over a few key questions that people have when they’re trying to decide on SEO services, and we’ll also give a bit of insight into what we do here at CaSeo that makes us so good. If you don’t know much about SEO and you have a business in Winnipeg, don’t fret. We’ll cover everything in this article that you’d need to know. If any questions remain, please feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Without any further ado, let’s begin.

What is SEO?

SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is a new-found form of marketing that is completely new and unique to the 21st century. Ten years ago if you asked someone what SEO was, they wouldn’t have had a clue. Nowadays though, SEO is one of the most efficient and widespread forms of marketing that is available. It is done completely online, and we at CaSeo are experts at driving your website traffic through SEO methods.

Essentially the main goal of SEO is to optimize your website for search engines. Millions of people use Google. You’re reading this article right now and there’s a good chance that you’ve used Google or another search engine in the past day. What we do is take your website, and try to rank it higher in search engines, to send it more traffic than it’s ever had before. You might be wondering why this can help your business though. Which is why we’ll take a look at the next topic.

How Can SEO Help My Business?

This is the main thing you want to know as a business owner. How can SEO benefit me? Why should I use this form of marketing instead of a more common, simplistic method like advertising in the local newspaper or on TV?

Well, you see, marketing has evolved. As much as people like to challenge this fact, there’s simply irrefutable evidence proving that people are using the internet to find products and businesses every single day. Instead of looking up in the White/Yellow pages, people are typing “local ice cream shops” into their phones and clicking on the first result that comes up. If they’re not satisfied with the looks of that result, they’ll move on to the next one and then the one after that until they find an appealing ice cream store, and then they’ll go there. This is just an example but hopefully you get the idea.

SEO takes targeted customers and drives them to your website. It’s not like when people just randomly stumble into your store and look around. These people are looking for something, and are already in the buying phase. They know they want ice cream, they just need an appealing place to go. You can be that place that shows up before any other business. You can bring in those extra customers every month who are looking for businesses on search engines. And we can help those customers come to you.

Does SEO Really Work?

Some SEO salesmen toot their own horn quite a bit and try to oversell themselves. Here at CaSeo, we really do believe in what we do. We’ve helped tons of businesses all over the world rank their websites higher in Google and have delivered millions of page views through the results that we’ve provided. SEO does take a fair amount of time to set up, but once you’re ranking, you can expect extra clients to flow in. We handle everything else, you handle the excess customers.

A lot of SEO companies will try to sell you strange packages without any references or legitimate reason. We are a legitimate agency with a brick and mortar location that you can call and talk to. We can set up a consultation with you and show you exactly what it’s going to take to rank your website higher and bring in those extra customers. You can call us during our business hours and get something set up in as little as minutes for no fee.

Why Should We Choose You?

Why us? What makes CaSeo special? For one, we’re a business local to Canada. We’re not located somewhere in the USA, our concrete business is located directly in Canada and we know the local people. We know how to market to them, we know Winnipeg SEO. You don’t want to market a website to people who have never really been to Winnipeg. We know what Assiniboine Park is, we’ve been to Winnipeg, we know what people look for.

We know the market, but we also know SEO. We do things in a certain way that won’t harm your website at all. Some SEO professionals use “black hat” techniques to rank your website, but we value doing things the right way very highly. We focus on first building a solid foundation. This includes putting up high-quality content on your website at first, then building high-quality links to your website. No spammy black hat techniques used by snake oil salesmen. Just high quality, reputable work.

One thing we also like to do is to keep you updated with what’s going on. You’ll want to know what’s going on, and that’s understandable. You’ll be able to check on your rankings and see them going up! We’re a call away as well if you ever need anything or have any questions during the process of ranking your website higher. We strive to work incredibly closely with you, the customer. You should never feel left out on what’s being done.

If you’re interested in taking a shot at marketing your business, and your website in a new way, give us a call here at CaSeo. We’ll put you on the line with trained professionals, and hopefully your website will be bringing in tons of new views and your business will be bringing in a myriad of new customers in time! Don’t hesitate if you have any questions as well. We’re here to help you. Don’t fret, give CaSeo a call today for great Seo services in Winnipeg.

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