Learn how you can maximize the power of social media Optimization to enhance your business online.


Track your online success through social media analytics. Our analytics and reporting tools will help us monitor online engagement and gather insights on how we can boost your social media performance.

Reach New Audiences

Having multiple social media platforms can allow your business to connect with new audiences and build relationships with customers online. Effectively communicate relevant and exciting information to your customers through social media!

Marketing Strategy

We will consult with you and provide information on how you can get the most our of your social media pages. Tell us about your business and we will design a social media strategy that will reach your target audience and enhance online engagement.


Social media is a powerful way for building brand awareness online. Our team will work with you to strengthen your brand through fun and enticing content that will build trust in current and potential customers.


We create unique social media strategies based on your business needs. Choose from one of our three packages to get started today. Feel free to contact us for more information on pricing and how your business can get the most out of social media marketing.



  • Facebook 4x/Week
  • Twitter 4x/week
  • Community Management every 48 hours
  • Awareness Advertising 1x /month



  • Facebook 5x/week
  • Twitter 5x/week
  • Instagram 3x/week
  • Community Management every 24 Hours
  • ROI Advertising 2x/Month
  • ROI / Tracking
  • Reporting



  • Facebook 6x /Week
  • Twitter 6x /Week
  • Instagram 4x /Week
  • Community Management every 12 hours
  • Custom Blog Post
  • Awareness advertising 4x /Month
  • ROI Advertising 4x /Month
  • Immediate ROI Tracking
  • Increased Ad Spend
  • Reporting


You can us to talk more about your project

About Our Canadian Social Media Optimization Services

This division of relationship management focuses on customer loyalty and long-term engagement. We base our relationship marketing strategies on organic growth and value-filled content sharing. We design social media campaigns with your business needs and brand awareness in mind.

No matter what form it takes, social media isn’t going anywhere. Over 1.3 billion people are connecting on Facebook; while 600 million twitterers are tweeting. Even Google+ has over 200 million people using the platform to share stories. YouTube is also the 2nd largest search engine, coming in behind Google.

As a social media marketing agency, we have the software and resources needed to maximize your online presence. Our team of marketing professionals have created social media strategies for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and other agencies.

No matter which industry your business belongs to, social media builds brand awareness, establishes credibility, and acquires new customers. From content creation to profile management, our team at Caseo ltd. has the experience and creativity you need to get the most out of your social media marketing efforts.