Experiencing the Beauty of the Toronto Light Festival

The Distillery Historic District

The Toronto Light Festival is held at the Distillery Historic District. This district is largest collection of Victorian industrial in North America. It provides a beautiful setting which lights up during this amazing festival. You may know the distillery district for its dining experiences or the shops. It has culture and style and provides the perfect setting for events like this.  

The Toronto Light Festival is an unforgettable experience. It lures you out of your home to face the cold weather, but you won’t regret it! You can attend this event in January through to March. It will certainly brighten up a cold winter’s evening with light art you’ve never seen before. Light art is when the artist emits or manipulates lights, colors and shadows in creative ways. The art will be unique works by local and international artists.

If you get winter blues and need something to look forward to this is the event for you. It’ll give you a new perspective on winter. This magical evening attracts people of all ages. Meet people from various backgrounds and enjoy this art together.

What to do at the Light Festival

You’ll find plenty of food and refreshments to choose from to add to your experience. Why not enjoy a nice meal in one of the surrounding restaurants. Following this grab a warming drink to enjoy the show. Soma are known for their authentic hot chocolates!  Maybe you want to hold on to Christmas and stay festive and enjoy a mulled wine. If you’re travelling to this event there are many hotels available near by.

light festival in toronto ontario
Light Festival

Get your family and friends together and have an experience like no other. You’ll see light used in forms you wouldn’t have imagined. From sculptures, displays that appear to be floating  to ore interactive approaches. The atmosphere will be enough to leave you wanting to do it all over again.

You may be asking yourself how much admission is? The good news is, it’s absolutely free! You only need money for what you wish to buy, it sounds to good to be true right? You can go as many times as you want! If you want to find out more, or see previews from previous years then check out the official website.

How to Get to Our Toronto Office from the Toronto Light Festival

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