Spending the Day at the Toronto Zoo

Workers at Toronto Zoo

the Toronto Zoo is known as ‘Canada’s premier zoo’ and one of the largest zoos in the world. It has interactive activities to teach you about the animals and conservation. You’ll enjoy a fun and educational day out for everyone to enjoy.

You can easily access the Toronto Zoo via the highway, it’s easy to find and there’s no need to head into the city centre. The zoo is home to over 450 different species of animals. You’ll need a whole day there if you want to view all of the animals living there as there are over 5000!

Navigating the Zoo in Toronto, Ontario

You can view the animals and their natural behaviors by witnessing feeding times and so on. Additionally the Toronto Zoo offers more than learning about their animals. Check out the 10 km of walking trails around the zoo and enjoy the scenery.

The Toronto Zoo has been designed into seven separate regions. This makes it easy for you to find which animals you want to view on your visit. It’s especially helpful if you don’t have time to make it around the whole zoo. You’ll find:

  • Indo-Malaya
  • Africa
  • The Americas
  • Australasia
  • Eurasia
  • Canadian Domain
  • The Tundra Trek

The animals live in beautiful enclosures which are naturalistic to ensure they’re happy. Their enclosures are breathtaking and designed beautifully with various viewing points.

The Discovery Zone

There is a discovery zone at the Zoo which will keep the kids entertained for hours. You’ll find many family friendly activities here including:

  • Kids Zoo
  • Splash Island
  • Wildlife Experience
  • Waterside Theatre

There’s plenty to keep the whole family happy! This is the ideal place to end your day at the zoo as you may have trouble getting the kids away! Additionally, there are four different rides available at the Toronto Zoo. Get your blood pumping on the Gorilla Climb Ropes Course or take it easy on the Tundra Air Ride. You can also check out the Zoomobile and Conservation Carousel. It’s safe to say your day will be filled!

Learning at the Zoo

There are plenty of educational opportunities for schools at the Toronto Zoo. You can book a field trip or summer camp to teach kids in a fun way about all the species of animals and their habitats. They can learn about the Zoo itself and how they take care of the animals that live there. Head over to their official website to find out more about all of the programs available.

Lion at Toronto Zoo

If you want to become a zookeeper or have a hands-on experience why not book to be a keeper for the day. You can work one on one with a zookeeper to find out what their day entails and how they care for the animals. You’ll also learn how they are involved in the conservation and research programs.

Toronto Zoo Services and Support

There are plenty of services available to make your visit easy. You can find a variety of food and drink stalls, washrooms, first aid and family centre and guest services. The gift shop on your way out has a variety of quality products to choose from to remember your special day.

There are many ways that you can support the Toronto Zoo. You can become a member and have many benefits, including access throughout the year. The Zoo appreciate any donations to help them improve and provide the best for their animals. Check out the many other ways you can help out the Zoo and help make a difference! Head over to the official website for anymore specific information you may need for your visit to the Toronto Zoo.

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